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Clips 'n' Chips 

Dog Grooming & Pet Microchipping

Day Care & Holiday Home

Day Care

1/2 Day

Up to 4 hours day care for your dog.  Whether its linked to a groom or just need time out.

Price from £5.00

Full Day Care

Full day care for your dog.  Drop off up to 0830 and collect from 1630. 


Holiday Home

Holiday Home

Home from home holiday boarding for your dog.  Based on 24 hour period.  Rates may differ for bank holidays, please check.


Long Term Boarding

For periods in excess of 21 days boarding, please contact for details.  

Clips 'n' Chips are fully licenced and insured for day care and holiday home boarding with Tandridge District Council,

Licence No: AB23

All day care and holiday home is within our own premises and not kennels.

We have a large secure garden where the dogs can be dogs and access to 16 acres of private land.

What our customers are saying

I'd Like to say a huge thank you, this is by far Ralph's best cut, I love his ear length and coat.  Mum loves lulus haircut too, thank you so much

Mrs Barker - Ralph & Lu Lu

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